Installation of vacuum systems

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Our Company always installs systems indicated in the medical gas network plan and bearing the proper medical CE marking specified in the relevant standard. For the installation of vacuum systems number of outlet points and the rate of consumption shall be considered.

In order to ensure the required service life of equipment, the performance of the vacuum system to be installed shall be selected based on the rate of consumption. Wrongly selected, undersized manifold could lead to the premature wear of the equipment. Our colleagues can help You to select from the several options available for the system with three pumps complying with the standard. 

Systems containing three pumps are controlled by a single controller, which ensures the steady and continuous operation of the system. For the placement of the system and the layout of the machine room the size of the equipment, the heat produced by the equipment and air intake and output and power supply shall be considered. 

Downloads:Linde QI Medvac datasheet view.pdf