QI® Services

Linde Healthcare's QI® Services support clinics, hospitals and care facilities in implementing the relevant quality and safety standards for medical gas supply.

Dealing with medical gases is no easy task. Deficiencies and risks in the supply of medical gases can have a serious impact on patient safety as well as on hospital and hospital. 

Countless aspects and national and international standards and regulations must be taken into account. For example, DIN EN ISO 7396. The requirements and reviews of the supervisory authorities are becoming increasingly restrictive. 

QI® Services help you to ensure and increase the safety and efficiency of your gas supply systems. Our innovative approach leads to practice-oriented solutions that comply with current regulations and are individually tailored to your needs. 

Benefit from our worldwide experience and  years of medical gas knowledge. On the safe side with QI® Services. 

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Our services cover all aspects of medical gas supply: