Periodical inspection of medical gas networks

Our Company performs this activity with the authorization of the Department of Health Technology of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Pursuant to the Decree No. 4/2009 (III.17) of the Ministry of Health, healthcare facilities having medical gas networks shall perform the inspection of their own system in every 3 years and in accordance with the legal provisions.
During the inspection the following components are checked: - liquefied medical gas containers and tanks - medical gas cylinders - machined plants and systems (vacuum, compressed air) - medical gas supply pipeline - medical gas outlets and terminal units - alerting and alarm system - electric safety tests 

After the on-site inspections, we will summarize the detected errors and discrepancies for every component in a detailed protocol. If the tested equipment complies with the requirements specified in the standard, then it will get a green sticker certifying its conformity. PerioIf we detect a small discrepancy, then the unit will get a yellow sticker indicating temporary suitability. It has a 2 month validity period, which is the time available for the repair to be completed. In case of large discrepancies or errors, which could endanger the patients found, we apply red stickers on the given component, which indicates that the component cannot be used until the fault is rectified.
The performance of the inspection is certified by a certification issued by the authorization of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition, which will be handed over with the protocol to the specified hospital. Periodical inspection of the medical gas networks is carried out based on individual quotation and order that is preceded by a survey. Our periodical inspection service is included in the maintenance contract concluded with hospitals having partnership with us, and it is performed automatically in every 3 years.