Operation of medical gas networks

Beyond our maintenance activity, we undertake the operation of complete medical gas networks or any of its components (compressed air or vacuum system), which is financially a more predictable construction for our customers.

Before giving a quote, we carry out the survey of the complete system and document its technical condition. We specify the required annual quantity of consumables and service materials, filters (bacteria, sterile, oil and air filters), lubricants, oil separators and other auxiliary materials. 
We prepare our offer based on this information. By the acceptance of our offer the contractual fee shall be paid as a monthly flat rate during the period stipulated in the contract.
For machined systems requiring large investment we can provide lease packages with mutually favourable conditions and with a maturity period from 36 to 60 months. In this case, our customers are relieved from the burden of large investments. At the end of the maturity period, we assign the ownership of the system to the hospital for a symbolic, one month rental fee.