Maintenance of medical gas networks

Linde Gas Hungary Co.Cltd carries out the periodical maintenance of almost 40 hospitals in Hungary in accordance with the standards and rules in force. Based on the trends of the previous years, we can state that, the number of our contracted partners would continuously increase in the future. 

Maintenance service offered by us includes the maintenance of all components of the system, from the cylinder of machined manifolds to the (patient) terminal units, outlet points placed in the wards.

Maintenance work will be carried out four times annually at pre-scheduled dates. Based on our experience, maintenance performed quarterly and with the usage of proper quality materials ensures the prevention of unforeseen malfunctions. 

Our Company purchase the required service materials and parts bearing CE marking from qualified Hungarian and international suppliers. We undertake guarantee for these materials and parts after their installation. For service materials and parts, which are above the contractual limit we provide a preliminary quote and they will be installed based on the order. GlosbeBeyond the above mentioned maintenance tasks, hospitals can order repairs on a case-by-case basis, which costs are settled subsequently based on the fees (service fee and call-out charge) specified in the contract and the cost of used materials.