Installation of oxygen manifold

Linde Gas Hungary Co.Cltd always installs gas manifolds indicated in the medical gas network plan and bearing the proper medical CE marking specified in the relevant standard.

Oxigén központ telepítés
Rate of consumption shall be considered for the installation of oxygen manifolds . In case of health institutes with large number of gas outlets it is advisable to select liquefied oxygen supply, since in this case the gas used for treatment is stored in vacuum insulated tank in liquefied state, therefore the number of filling periods can be shortened with a larger consumption too.
Cylinder supply can be used as a backup of the liquefied tank supply or at places with lower consumption rate. In case of a cylinder manifold the number of installed cylinders and the size of the manifold shall be based on the expected rate of consumption.  Based on their operating modes cylinder manifolds can be automatic or semi-automatic manifolds. In both cases the replacement of empty cylinders requires manual intervention, but thanks to the automatic manifold the switch-over between the active and backup sides takes place automatically, therefore gas supply is continuous and it can ease the work of personnel.