Implementation of medical gas networks

Based on the prepared designs, Linde Gas Hungary Co.Cltd installs the medical gas network and the related liquefied tank, gas cylinder manifolds and machine rooms in accordance with the standards and provisions in force. Our company procures the medical products with CE marking from qualified suppliers, which will be installed into the new gas network in the course of the implementation.
The installation of the medical gas networks comprise the following activities: installation of vertical and horizontal main pipelines and branches for the operating theaters, intensive care units, medical offices and wards. 
Gas manifolds can be equipped with liquefied tanks, cylinders and machined manifolds. Machined manifolds can be medical compressed air-, instrument air- and vacuum manifolds. Gas cylinder manifolds can be automatic or semi-automatic, and it can be differentiated by gas types as oxygen-, synthetic air-, nitrous oxide- and carbon dioxide manifolds. The size of the liquefied tank manifold is always larger (it is used for the oxygen and nitrogen supply of institutions with several outlet points).
All types of terminal units of medical outlets, which used in the country and/or in Europe are available at our Company. 
Medical gas equipment is essential part of patient treatment and utilization of gas networks. Products of several manufacturers are available at our Company. Medical gas equipment can be the followings: oxygen humidifier, vacuum regulator, thoracic drainage equipment, secretion collection jar, tors, humidifier bottle, safety jar.

Downloads:Linde QI Engineering datasheet view.pdf